Partnership Model

Details of Partnership we intend to offer:

We work under different models under revenue sharing starting from setting up of complex equipment to overall management & operations of the entire departments (Clinical –Non Clinical Manpower alongside any equipment set-up for the facility).

The Key Benefits of Partnership with ClearMedi are:

  • Capital savings made can be deployed in the expansion of other services or new facilities development
  • Tie up with a partner whose core expertise lies in managing such complex clinical services and equipment needs for that department
  • Focus on efficient manpower planning and bringing latest/innovative technological platforms to match hospital clinical & equipment needs
  • Improved turnaround equipment uptime alongside tightly managed maintenance arrangements
  • Transfer of key risks away from the hospital
  • Financial savings with this services/departments moving off the balance sheet of the hospital
  • Potential International research and academic links ups with top notch institutes like European Institute of Oncology and other institutes across Europe and America

Partner with Us

Kailash Cancer Hospital Muni Seva Ashram Parash Hospital Shanti Mukand Hospital BIMR HOSPITALS Medcare Hospital ClearMedi Cancer Center Valentine Cancer Hospital S.M. Hospital Ashwin Hospital Guru Hospital Hamdard Imaging Centre Monark Cancer Hospital Jindal Institute of Medical Sciences ClearMedi Radiant Hospital